Mysterious World: Spirituality and the Paranormal

We live within a deeply Mysterious World. We assert that the Mysteries of Life and the Experience of the Paranormal have been a feature of human existence for millennia. We live, in a sense, within The Twilight Zone. Religions, faiths and cults have reigned over the mind of man but in these times many people have faith only in Science. It is our faith that there is a great wisdom contained in ancient texts: philosophical, religious and narrative. We are dedicated to the discovery and preservation of Truth. There are many interesting people and groups, some visible and some hidden, who have knowledge that has been concealed and who seek the satisfaction of their own desire for wisdom and illumination. Study and participate in the worldwide discourse on the Spirit and on Truth. Truth is timeless and eternal and it is the nemesis of evil and of chaos. The world abounds with worthwhile knowledge. We live in the West but we are heir to traditions and discourses whose origins are in the East and, in fact, from all over this Earth. There are many great sources of knowledge and wisdom, which are based in and which have long thrived in other parts of this world and within other cultures which are very different to our own. To be alive in this time, in this Age, is to be on a great adventure. Knowledge cannot harm us but ignorance threatens everything which is of value. In this place, now, we wish to provide a stimulating resource for people who are searching for knowledge. Western culture is not always the best seed bed for people who have an enquiring mind. We have put this site together to entertain you and to express to you that although it is often misunderstood there is actually a great deal of scholarly support for the existence of a spiritual and supernatural world. Knowledge of a god and of the spirit is a treasure to be possessed. We cover in this website a great many mysteries. We have separated them and edited them into different categories and you will find the links to them in the following sections. In fact all of the mysteries and wonders of the World are contiguous. In particular we encourage you to study the source texts which are available via the Library of Knowledge. There are thousands of original and important manuscripts and books and many of them have been digitised by good and thoughtful people around the World. Follow this link to read these texts for FREE. There is a great wisdom contained in these ancient sources. If you are a careful student and you devote enough time to your journey the knowledge contained in them is truly illuminating.




Stuart Dewhurst


Stuart is a poet and a writer. He has been studying the great mysteries of life for over four decades and he wishes to continue to do so for at least the next four decades.


Papa Chi


Papa Chi is a creative and martial artist, husband and father. He is the media content director of Ramble Media and owns MillTees. He is a philosopher and reads widely.


Admin Girl


Admin Girl is a kind hearted volunteer girl of mystery. She is wealthy but she volunteers her time and effort in order to oversee the day to day running of the AOAS Group.




The Shadow is just a rumour. He doesn't officially exist but Stuart and Ricky are grateful for his contribution. He is entrusted with secret operations on behalf of AOAS.






































An Online Poll: What do you think about the supernatural or paranormal? Are all of the mysterious events recorded throughout history merely the result of science and determinism or is there a spiritual force at work in the world and in the universe?



We are Pilgrims of The Truth

We are Pilgrims of the Truth: And we are sure that there is such a thing as truth in this world. There are many grand adventures to be had, places to visit, people to meet and objects which we must persue and which we must obtain. Are you political? Do you support a cause? Are you an adherent of a faith? Perhaps you have lost faith in the world and its currents, as we did. You may worship a god or you may have a deep contempt for a tradition and its people. Whatever you do and wherever you stand we wish to impart to you that there are wonders in this world and that there are truths which you should know. Our forefathers travelled the globe. They lived in ancient times, now long forgotten and unassumed. There were wars and battles of blood and of terror. There were times of legends now lost in a void of centuries. Every new development or current in this world has already happened. And everything under the Sun is known: by somebody, somewhere in the world. There is no fear or evil in this world which threatens us or frightens us. We are on a journey of discovery. We want to know the world better, to understand more of it and to know who and what we truly are. For us there is a God, there is a spirit and there is a world of mystery which is so vast that there need be no moment of it which is less than stimulating. We are also an organisation and we wish to connect with more people and with more knowledge and we wish to grow. AOAS is always looking and searching for interesting people who have spiritual knolwedge and power or who are at a time in their spiritual development when they are ready to give or to receive illumination. Of the many modern personalities of the world wide web, AOAS considers the following men and women to be among the most vital and interesting Truth Seekers and researchers in the World. Many of them have dedicated their life to the pursuit of truth. We heartily recommend that you visit their sites, watch their videos and read their books.

Ellie Crystal

Anybody who spent any time studying the New Age Movement on the web will have found the amazing Ellie Crystal. From her bio on the Crystalinks Website: 'At age 6, in 1949, I had a Near Death Experience while in the hospital with pneumonia. I saw myself sitting on the branch of a tree somewhere, next to a boy approximately my age. Would I stay or would I return... the choice was mine, I was told telepathically. I looked at the boy and somewhere I knew him, his message clear, Return to the physical world. One day we will meet again And so I returned knowing this was all meant to be...From a very young age, Ellie developed her abundant, intuitive and natural psychic abilities. At age eleven, Ellie experienced an otherworldly encounter that abruptly changed her life and shaped her future. In the Nevada desert, a spirit named Zoroaster, lovingly called Z, appeared to her. He became part of Ellie's daily life, bringing her to a destiny set in motion from the beginning. Those who know Ellie, or have read about Ellie and Z, have suggested that their ongoing repartee and adventures would itself make a humorous, magical, and heartwarming movie.'. From 1991-1993 she starred in her own Television Talkshow The Metaphysical Experience. She interviewed and studied many world-reknowned teachers. Her website, on metaphysics and science, is one of the most established and extensive. She has reproduced a very broad and very detailed library of information which covers the entire spiritual and mystical world. It is rare to find a site of such quality on the web but it is even rarer to find one that contains such an enormous wealth of fascinating and engaging content and information. If you don't wish to spend your time identifying new websites on spirituality and mysticism then AOAS recommend Crystalinks. Ellie is an inspiration. With a deep belief in the true mystery of Life she has spent her life as a truth seeker and as a deeply spiritual person. In August 2006 she presented her theories about Creation to the United Nations (UNSRC). If you need to remind yourself of what the spirit is and what the spiritual way of life means then study Crystalinks. Having continued to develop her spiritual abilities throughout her life AOAS say that she is a very interesting and important person. Among the hidden owners of the great gifts of wisdom and spirituality there are not enough in the world who have reached a stage where they can share their abilities openly and talk confidently on matters which many will disbelieve. The loss of belief among mankind of the spirit is one of the saddest developments in the modern age. Ellie represents the many who have true belief and true faith and the world is a better place for them.

Michael Tsarion

Of the many figures who from time to time have appeared and spoken of the great mysteries of life, there are few who are as interesting or as accomplished as the Irish-American scholar and musician Michael Tsarion. He grew up in Belfast during the great troubles which have caused so much conflict and horror and later relocated to the United States. He operates a number of websites from which his books may be purchased and where you can read and study additional information. Catastrophism, Astrotheology, the hidden history of the human race, the Occult. Michael Tsarion's contributions to the world discourse on philosophy and history have been monumental. It is such a pleasure to hear of the great mysteries of the world and of the human condition being approached with an intelligent scepticism and discussed and illucidated with such a good understanding of the secret doctrines and of the philosophical and scientific structure in which the phenomenological world resides. In our opinion Tsarion is the greatest of the scholars working openly in the fields of revisionist religion and of the true history of human civilization. AOAS salute Tsarion for having such an open mind and for his deep interest and lifelong contributions to the scholarship of the mysteries. Tsarion has the distinction of having read very widely in his field and has been able to carefully analyse and compare many important texts and many of those texts, for example Edith Starr Miller's Occult Theocrasy, are now more widely known to people because of Tsarion's work with them. To engage with an area of knowledge which is as disputed as is the true nature of mankinds place upon the earth, is to find oneself embattled by that part of the world which will reject progress. Tsarion is one of those rare men who is willing to put his name and his words behind an idea whose echo will not be found in the mainstream. Tsarion has given numerous free lectures and radio interviews over the years. He identifies the American scholar Jordan Maxwell as being one of his mentors and has spoken at length about Maxwell's own contributions to the study of mysteries. Tsarion's websites are a great source for his numerous articles and videos. If you are interested in the hidden truth of the true nature of human life and experience then you should read and study the scholar Michael Tsarion.

David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a writer, researcher and a popular figure in the New Age Movement. A paranormal experient, David has a mind which is truly open. He is interested in the concepts of 'soul growth', 'Ascension' and the 'evolution of consciousness'. He is a professional lecturer and film-maker. He researches ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. Perhaps Wilcock's greatest gift is as a theoretician. He has formulated a number of models as a way of interpreting and understanding qualities like matter and energy and indeed the quality of 'peace'. He believes that all life on Earth is united in a Field of Consciousness, which, he says, affects our minds in interesting ways. He engages with the persons and personalities of the mysteries and the paranormal. He believes that he may in fact be a reincarnation of the 'sleeping Prophet' Edgar Cayce and has co-authored a book on the subject. His website Divine Cosmos is a very rich site for interesting and innovative articles in the field. He now has a weekly TV Show on Gaiam TV. If you are looking for fresh and innovative work in the field of mysteries and spirituality then AOAS heartily recommend Divine Cosmos as a very important source. He also hosts a number of free ebooks including: The Shift of Ages, The Science of Oneness, The Divine Cosmos, The Law of One Study Guide, Wanderer Awakening, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and The End of Our Century. All in all AOAS say that David Wilcock is an interesting and worthy man, with wisdom and goodness and is an important public figure.

David Icke

David Icke is a truly remarkable man. He survived a long period of time living in a World which was very different to the one that he, and the members of the AOAS Group, live in today. Of the many dark and dangerous currents which may ensnare a person living in the Western World, one of the worst fates is to have lost your connection to the subtle worlds of the spirit of man. It is very much like spending your life swimming in the river Styx. You may meet people from time to time in your lives, you may even be such a person, who is so grounded and overcome by the evils of the world that they spend decades believing everything which is said by news readers and politicians and TV chat show hosts. In consequence a person typically becomes very depressed and for them there is no mystery, or wonder, or goodness in the world. From the moment they awake right up to the moment that they finally begin sleep Life is nothing but a shadow. David Icke found within himself a well of wonders and truths which have eclipsed the mundane world and all of its faithful servants and adherents. The AOAS Group contest many of Icke's opinions and we believe that he is misguided in some issues. However, his victory over the evil of the false mundane world has been so successful and accomplished that we salute him for his goodness and his wonder. Icke lives the life that many people still seek. He travels the world opening the eyes of the people of the world about the true nature of the experience of life. Icke's books and videos and lectures are to be read and enjoyed. They contain great wisdom and real insight into the mysteries of this world. Of all of the men and women living in the world who have contributed to the discourse on the spirit few stand so tall or are as important as Icke.

Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell is a really interesting man. He is a veteran writer and lecturer on the great mysteries of Life and of the World. He has written several books, has appeared on mumerous radio talk shows and TV interviews and he has attracted a large following of people from his appearences on sites like Red Ice Creations and Project Camelot. Having made a very deep study of ancient history, cults and religions he has been enlightening people on these areas for decades. He has also been a very influential figure in the field. The Irish-American scholar Michael Tsarion, for example, has stated on record that Maxwell has been his mentor and that he has a very deep knowledge. Maxwell is known for his sense of humor and his down-to-earth and realistic takes on modern life. He has a controlled but relaxed manner and has shared many anecdotes on his own life and experiences. He knew the legendary scholar Manly Palmer Hall, who is said to have willed Maxwell his private research notes. Maxwell has described many early and mid life experiences which have affected him including a meeting with a mysterious man who claimed to be a member of a Freemasonic Council of 33. All in all he is a worthy media personality, who has the added quality of being a living record of modern life in the USA. Of all of the figures within the field of mysteries and the paranormal there are few who are as important as Jordan Maxwell. His books, lectures and other productions should be studied with interest.


Freeman Fly is a top film maker and journalist who has done a lot of work on conspiracy theories, exploring Hollywood, trauma-based mind control and the occult. He has interviewed many of the important sources in the field, has written numerous articles (available on his website) and analyses. His work is lively and interesting. He does not hold back in his investigations or in expressing his ideas and opinions. His work has a very broad subject theme, including just about every aspect of the world of conspiracy theories that you can imagine. Some people may find Freeman's ideas a little hokey but the AOAS group do not agree with that assessment. To live life without a belief in mystery or the spirit is to live forever in shadow. Freeman's creative impulse and his imagination are a positive force in the field and his work and his presence here are welcome and appreciated. Freeman's own website is an excellent source for people who want intelligent analysis of the many, often interrelated, conspiracy theories and who are not afraid to follow lines which lead to danger or to unexpected truths.

Leo Zagami

Leo Zagami is one of the most important figures in the world of mysteries and the occult. He is a senior Freemason, reportedly associated with the infamous P2 Lodge of Monte Carlo. AOAS say that he is the most daring among the illuminati members, in his willingness to share openly many of the great secrets in the mystical and magical traditions of the West. We feel that this is entirely proper and appropriate. Many great secrets have been held for so very long and yet, those sensitive to subtle currents that affect mankind will realise that if the consciousness of man is not raised just a little then our race may face a terrible loss and decline. The AOAS group first became aware of Zagami after he uploaded a handfull of videos to Youtube. This occured at a time when David Icke had reached his apogee and many people around the World were beginning to see that there was a wisdom in his writings. Zagami appeared to have been in great physical and spiritual danger. Whatever the true circumstances were he was able to overcome his adversities and, following a number of successful engagements with other personalities in the public eye launched his own Society, which AOAS consider to be an important International Society of learned gentlemen. He has written several books in which he enlightens for the public something of the nature of ceremonial magic and the occult, in which he is well versed and respected.

Kerry Cassidy

Kerry Cassidy is the founder of Project Camelot. Inspired by the Legends of King Arthur and his Knights but with a vision of a brighter future of spiritual and new age gnosis, Kerry has travelled the World looking for answers to the great questions of life and the universe. Project Camelot is, in our opinion, the best and the most successful of the filmmakers in the field. Project Camelot now provides a substantial corpus of video interviews with some of the most interesting subjects in the world. The project specialises in covering the statements and stories of whistleblowers from around the world. Many of the interviews were shot 'guerrila' style on location with key witnesses and international researchers. Camelot has revealed knowledge and stories which were previously hidden in the secret world of the intelligence community. Kerry is a deeply spiritual person who has had remote viewing experiences. She has made a deep study of the occult and Eastern mysticism. Of all the players in the field of mysteries and the paranormal Kerry is known and respected for her energy and commitment, her open mind and her abilities as a film-maker, creating work which elevates the thinking of the viewer and provides a fascinating view into those parts of the world where people hold great secrets.

Regina Meredith

Regina Meredith is an important figure in the world of mysteries, conspiracies and the spirit. As the co-founder of the Conscious Media Network, with her husband Scott Meredith, she drew together experts from around the world to talk with her on her website about many important things that you typically won't find in the mainstream. Of all of the interviews and articles and all of the useful links on that website, AOAS feel that her greatest achievement was in her coverage of the field of alternative medicine and treatment for resistant conditions like cancers and HIV. The Conscious Media Network is no longer running, though you can still find it in the Archive's Wayback Machine. The overall purpose of that site was continued in Meredith's Gaiam TV, now simply known as Gaiam. Meredith is an intelligent person and an engaging and interesting speaker. She has produced numerous videos on the metaphysical and spiritual worlds, which can be accessed from the Gaia website. There is an extensive collection of free written articles by various modern authors on metaphysics, paranormal, secrets and cover-ups, ancient wisdom and esoteric healing. One of Meredith's greatest abilities is in drawing people together in order to provide a place where anybody can have access to high quality information on the web.